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This project provides training and education opportunities for multiple age groups to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that can develop technological innovations with far-reaching social impact. Our activities will target three groups: middle school students, college students, and adults 20 years of age or older, who are residents of Gainesville, Belle Glade, and Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The EDIT program will focus on supporting community members in launching business endeavors with social missions. Throughout their participation, cohort participants will be matched with industry partners who will serve as mentors as well as computer science graduate students who will support the technical development of products. 

Introducing middle school students to computer science concepts while breaking down stereotypes that minorities do not participate in computing activities. At these events, diverse groups of college students and volunteers will conduct workshops where students will create interactive technologies to address the challenges they identify in their communities. Visit the website:

Eastside Community Center

The Human Experience Research Lab (HXRL) has adopted Gainesville's Eastside Community Center as part of our continuing community engagement initiative. We will be supporting the community by hosting technical workshops for all ages, engaging the residents of East Gainesville in STEM and entrepreneurship.

 Graduate Resources

A major aspect of this project is to get more involvement from UF computer science, business, and art graduate students. The students will be teaming up with our EDIT participants to bring their business ideas to fruition. We will also be providing training for graduate students to participate in startup ventures.

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